bookmark_borderSEO for Black Website: The most comprehensive guide

Sites on prohibited topics are a tidy market share that every second webmaster wants to grab for himself. Read the options for promoting such portals in this article.

To promote a banned site is quite possible!

Good afternoon, our beloved readers. Today I’ll tell you about how you can promote sites that are related to prohibited topics in the TOP. Such portals cannot be promoted by contextual advertising, and you need to rely on natural search traffic. This is all the difficulty.

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bookmark_borderHow to promote XXX adult sites with SEO?

Everyone knows that “the forbidden fruit is sweet”, but, nevertheless, some try to taste it. The Internet is an information space (which is not very amenable to legislative regulation at the moment), in which you can find almost everything, including sites of prohibited topics, since, unfortunately, there is also a demand for them. Therefore, finding loopholes in-laws, such sites continue to be created and developed.

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bookmark_borderPromotion and development of a site for adults

The promotion of an adult site has its own nuances associated precisely with the very non-white focus of the resource. Therefore, the purchase of links, in this case, will not be so effective and simple, simply due to the fact that most donors refuse to post links to adult websites, and of those that place them, 50% will be removed after a while. And such a flicker is not buzzing in the eyes of search engines. Yes, and popular link buying and selling exchanges usually prohibit the purchase of links with adult anchors. So how can you promote an adult site and get the first traffic without investing financially in the initial stage?

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