Promotion and development of a site for adults

The promotion of an adult site has its own nuances associated precisely with the very non-white focus of the resource. Therefore, the purchase of links, in this case, will not be so effective and simple, simply due to the fact that most donors refuse to post links to adult websites, and of those that place them, 50% will be removed after a while. And such a flicker is not buzzing in the eyes of search engines. Yes, and popular link buying and selling exchanges usually prohibit the purchase of links with adult anchors. So how can you promote an adult site and get the first traffic without investing financially in the initial stage?

In our case, we can distinguish the following main ways of website promotion for an adult:

1) Regular posting on the site. This point refers to internal SEO adult sites, but it is very important to mention it. Thanks to regular updating of the site content, you feed the search robots and show that the site is involved. Accordingly, this will have an effect in terms of quick indexing of new posts. And your visitors will know that the site is not dead, but alive and the percentage of return to a regular audience will be quite high. By the way, the moment of at least small-scale uniqueization of content is important here, especially at the beginning of work, since frank copy-paste is not very good. Therefore, at the beginning of working with the site, try to at least slightly rewrite the texts of the received news from the Content-Cooperation catalog with adult content for adults, so as not to post bare copy-paste, duplicating thousands of other similar sites.

A certain part of visitors from search engines will bring you traffic from pictures. In order not to miss such picture traffic, it will be necessary to watch that the pictures go with the filling of the Alt and Title tag. Also look at the names of the posts so that they also carry some kind of informational meaning, and not be of the form “Part45.2.avi”.

Please note that the placement and posting of news on your site should be structured so that the visitor is not lost and the site does not look like a resource for which information from a dozen other popular sites is stupidly robbed (relayed). The value of the site in the eyes of the visitor stimulates the bookmarking of such a site and returns to the site after a certain period of time. So, immediately think over the structure, highlight the main categories where you will post the published materials.

2) Getting backlinks from trust sites. If you drive a new site through catalogs or profiles by Khrumer without a selected and filtered database, as it was ten years ago, this usually leads to a new site receiving bans, sandboxes and other delights of this kind. If possible, you need to look for trust sites and get backlinks from them on a paid or free basis. But, such an increase in links should look natural. For a new site, one or two dozen such bold indexed links will be quite enough for the site to acquire at least some value for the search engine and the pages quickly climbed into the index.

3) Obtaining links from thematic resources. This promotion method is related to the previous method. In this case, you get links from similar adult sites, either by buying them or by changing the links with the necessary anchors. But, you can exchange links only with sites similar in traffic. But exchanging links with more or less visited sites will be problematic for a young site and you only have to buy links.

4) Purchase traffic and exchange traffic. While the site has not gained a certain weight in the eyes of search engines and has not begun to receive a sufficient amount of search traffic, you can simply buy traffic through traffic exchanges, teasers or on sites of a similar subject ready to sell traffic. Adult traffic is pretty cheap, so you can try and buy it. By the way, in the future, when your site gains a good visitor of several thousand, it will be possible to trade traffic using traffic exchange scripts.

5) Links and traffic from adult forums. I already wrote about getting links from thematic resources. Now again I return to thematic resources, namely to adult forums. I think that most of those who decided to create a site for an adult has already posted or are posting news on an adult forum. Therefore, it will be logical in those forums where it is allowed to add a signature with links, to leave recommendations to visit your resource in the signature. There are a lot of such popular adult forums on the network and there will be no difficulty in finding them. Take a little time to register on such forums to leave several posts indicating your resource. Somewhere posts with such links will, of course, be deleted, but there will be a certain percentage of forums where the links will remain. Get yourself a table for accounting, where you will record on which resources posts with links and at what address were left. After a while, check if your posts have been deleted. Thus, you can create a database of forums for yourself, which you can use to quickly create a link profile of your site with adult content.

Forum promotion of sites in your case will have a double effect. Firstly, if your post and the site itself is interesting, then visitors will go to your site in search of similar materials, and secondly, if the link is not closed from indexing, then you will receive an additional backing from a thematic resource. As for me, for a young adult site – this is one of the most effective ways to get non-search traffic.

6) Use of social networks. Traffic from social networks can also bring you a large number of visitors. Do not forget about it. Repost news, retweets, make your pages on social networks, give announcements of new posts there. Of course, some social workers ban posts of this kind, but others turn a blind eye to this.
That, perhaps, is all that can be used at the beginning of promotion for your adult website. Basically, all these methods of promoting an adult site do not require financial expenses, but only time. In addition to the aforementioned, you can, of course, try adding articles to article directories with a link to your site, but again, not everyone misses the adult theme. You can try to get traffic to your resources from the house, but this is more complicated and not everyone understands and is accessible. Having developed the site a little, you can already attract five posters that will add their news with links not only to Filesmonster but also to other file-hosting sites. You will earn on such posts as the site owner, they are as distributors.

Yes, by the way, when will register a domain for the site, try looking for a free old trust domain (drop). To search for drops, use the resource, where you can configure many filters by various parameters and find domains whose registration has not been renewed, or intercept those domains whose paid registration expires. When using drops, you come across domains with a very good backlink profile and, therefore, with good trust. True, trust drops are more expensive than new domains, but in terms of fast promotion and getting the first traffic to the site, it is much more convenient and efficient. Also, from my own experience, I can say that it is better to make narrow-key adult sites of convertible topics than a dump of 20-30 adult topics with a bunch of subsections on one site. Such narrow-minded sites are able to attract much more regular visitors, since they look much more presentable for them, and to promote them more simply according to their requests, and the envelope on such sites is much higher.

Perhaps today’s review of ways to promote an adult website turned out to be too messy, but he mentioned the main points, and everyone will already reveal the nuances in the process. By the way, if you can recommend something interesting and useful about the promotion of adult sites, then share the information in the comments.

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