SEO for Black Website: The most comprehensive guide

Sites on prohibited topics are a tidy market share that every second webmaster wants to grab for himself. Read the options for promoting such portals in this article.

To promote a banned site is quite possible!

Good afternoon, our beloved readers. Today I’ll tell you about how you can promote sites that are related to prohibited topics in the TOP. Such portals cannot be promoted by contextual advertising, and you need to rely on natural search traffic. This is all the difficulty.

General concepts

In general, the following sites are classified as prohibited sites:

  • Adult – all sorts of erotic chats and more. By the way, I already disclosed this topic in one article Adult-sites: how to promote a site for adults
  • Download – downloading any content. As an example: downloads of movies, torrents, music, programs, etc.
  • Casino – here and from the name it is clear that this is an Online Casino and other gambling games.
  • Pharm – everything related to medicine and medicines.

This list does not end. Any niche that either walks along the edge of the law or crosses it brings a huge amount of money.

Tough competition

I must say right away that in all these areas there are already giant sites that are taking the lion’s share of the market. The competition on these topics is just huge because this area brings hefty earnings. If your portal can suddenly crawl into TOP 3 by RF request, then right away evil guys will run in, who will try to do everything to drown the project. I also wrote about the methods of destroying competitors in a previous article: How to ban a competitor’s website in extradition and protect yourself. I do not recommend using these tips, but try to save you from this kind of attack on the pages of your site.

SEO Promotion Methods for “black” website

As always, there are two options:

1) White advancement
2) Gray or black advancement.

The first option is to constantly add content, improve the internal structure of the site, etc. Everything here is very simple and requires the same efforts in advancement as for a regular news and information project. I will not tell you anything new in this regard.

From the side of the “underground” movement, there are more interesting options.

As an example:

  • Purchase of reference mass from hacked portals.
  • Creating a grid of doorways.
  • Use of satellites.
  • Bulk purchasing links with a direct anchor.
  • And a bunch of other ways to quickly climb up.

I must say right away that sites of prohibited topics fall under the filters in 95% of cases. It is because of this that gray promotion is the best option. I would recommend using white methods so that a whole stream of visitors from all over the world goes to your pages.

Where to buy links for black sites?

1) Here the good old SAPE will help us. Buy links from mediocre sites. It is important to use the necessary topics, a lot depends on this. The technique works, believe my experience.

2) Direct purchase links. I wrote about this a bunch of times. Chat with the owners of sites, create link profiles. In general, the easiest way is to read my last article and learn more in detail: How to get free links.

Believe me, a lot depends on the links. Buy both diluted and with direct anchor links in order to at least slightly decorate the general situation. Suddenly you will not be lowered in the extradition, and everything will succeed. Then certainly it will be possible to collect money by hand.

Creates satellites

Satellites are sites that lead to each other, i.e. have external links only to their friendly projects. At such sites, you need to constantly collect low-frequency traffic and transfer it to your main site. Many links will help advance the main project and prevent it from drowning. but there is a significant minus – you need to constantly promote a bunch of projects. Because of this, you will immediately want to hire copywriters, you will have to pay them money, etc. It all comes down to a pretty good deal. Otherwise, it just won’t work out with the help of satellites.

Submit in directories

At this stage, I advise you to use the runs for:

  • catalog runs
  • forum links
  • check sites
  • ping on social bookmarking sites
  • comments
  • .edu sites
  • gov sites
  • other gray ways

In this case, you need to purchase some good software, such as Xrumer, and start spamming powerfully on the Internet. But here, too, you need to build on what result you want to get. If you need fast and a lot, then hard spam will help, but in the end, there is a chance to fall into the SERP. But there is also the opportunity to get a hefty attendant in the same scenario. You need to constantly analyze the current state of affairs, make new sites, feed the project with links, etc. The method is very time-consuming without software + a very high probability of generally flying into the very bowels of the search engines. Who does not risk – he does not sit in the TOP 🙂

Always look at competitors

Здесь все тоже очень просто. Не пытайтесь создать велосипед, но посмотрите на успешные проекты. Лучший пример – молодой сайт в ТОП 1 по жирному запросу. Быстро поищите все его ссылки и проанализируйте в своей голове всевозможные варианты продвижения. Таким образом, ваш сайт также сможет обогатить себя парой отличных позиций для классных ключевых слов.


Запрещено продвижение сайта довольно сложно. Нужно стараться, постоянно экспериментировать с различными техниками. Иногда самые черные пути могут переместить портал на вершину поисковой выдачи. И иногда одни и те же методы убьют ваш проект полностью. Здесь это как кубик.

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