SEO for Medical and Pharmacy Website

Why do you need to promote a medical site?

  • gives maximum results in attracting potential customers;
  • increases the website traffic;
  • the number of calls and requests for treatment increased by 3-4 times;
  • sales pay for the cost of promotion.

According to statistics, more than 85% of potential customers find websites of medical organizations through search engines.

Website promotion in search engines is an important stage in the development of the brand or services to the medical market.

Does that include the concept of SEO for the medicine website?

  • Internal and external optimization of the website;
  • Promotion in search engines;
  • Content marketing;
  • Search engine marketing;
  • Improving conversion.

What did we offer for pharmacy website?

We can offer you 3 «package promotion» to choose from. The cost depends on the number of keywords.

We’re doing a really good offer as the price includes absolutely everything, no hidden or additional fees. All is fair.

You choose the package and pay a specified amount – we do everything else that your web page was visible on the first page of results in the search engine on thematic keywords, the number corresponding to the selected package.

Our experts will perform professional software improvements, such as:

  1. Increase the speed of page loading
  2. Optimize the HTML code of the page
  3. Optimizing the size of pictures
  4. Configuring the site map and the file robots.txt
  5. Configuring redirects
  6. The search for broken links and remove them
  7. Other necessary work
  8. Selection of semantic core

As we have said, we are working with medicine for over 7 years. During this time we have collected huge base semantic kernels (keyword lists) in different fields of medicine (dentistry, gynecology, urology, proctology, psychiatry, and more than 20 directions). For example, the semantic core of the dental clinic with a standard list of services includes approximately 5000-6000 key phrases. This is the semantic core of the dental clinic.

To effectively promote such a large core, you need to divide it first into large thematic categories (implants, braces, veneers, crowns, etc.). Such a category as «braces» includes about 400 different phrases. And they, in turn, should be divided into clusters (smaller thematic groups that include 10-20 key phrases). So, a group of «braces» is divided into such clusters as «lingual braces», «self-ligating braces», «braces on the lower jaw». It was under these groups-clusters are created individual pages for more effective promotion.

SEO for Viagra/Cialis website

The total number of clusters for dentistry is about 250 pieces. For gynecology – 300, proctology – 150, etc. we have all this work done so that we immediately, from the first month, start right and effective promotion of your website, while other companies on the market only look at your directions and form a semantic kernel, divide it into clusters and try to understand the peculiarities of terminology.

We don’t need. We, unlike the rest, know that key phrase «lingual braces» and «braces on the inside» are not two different services, but the essence is the same. And so on each direction of the medical business.

Extensive experience in working with the medicine gives us an accurate understanding of exactly what questions will lead to a site of target visitors and will result in a conversion. We know what keywords to promote difficulty and which are not. On the market, nobody has the same background as we do.

The link building

We do not use the rental links. All links are purchased directly from the publishers or on reputable exchanges of eternal links. Thus, we obtain high-quality links that bring results traffic and do not endanger your website. The process of working fully transparent. In each report we show all of the links purchased, their cost and on which platforms they were purchased. Do it only a couple of percent of the companies that are promoting.

Content Writing

Our staff includes several medical copywriters who have extensive experience in writing on various topics in the field of medicine. After that, all texts are checked by our in-house scientific editor, candidate of medical sciences. Further, the texts are to be sent to the literary editor, who also works in our state, on the subject of grammar mistakes, misprints or incorrect lexical momentum. All the texts are written in accordance with the statement of work, which are prepared by our SEO professionals.

Website Analytics

We regularly conduct Analytics, weekly monitor the dynamics of the positions. Every day we analyze the data which appear in the personal Cabinet of search engines concerning the promoted website. This allows you to react quickly to any changes in search algorithms and provides an understanding of current tactics and future strategy to promote a particular website. We can provide weekly reporting on the dynamics of the position of your site.

Description of the process

Stage 1

You choose the package, i.e. the number of words that would like to see on the first page of search engines.

Stage 2

Together with you, we analyze the semantic core and all the clusters (as we wrote above for the different areas of medicine it will be a different number).

Stage 3

You claim those clusters that match your services. The remaining clusters are excluded from the semantic core, so we don’t promote those areas in which you work or are you for some reason are not interesting

Stage 4

Sign the contract, which supplied a consistent semantic core.

Stage 5

You pay for the first month, and we start to work. The texts are written gradually, about 5-20 pieces per month, depending on the selected package. This is enough to propel the desired number of keywords on the first page of search engines. In the future, the number of words may increase, because SEO is an ongoing process.

Why us?

We don’t just promote the website, we do it to suit your specifics. Among our employees, there are those who have practical experience in medicine. It gives us the opportunity to consider how best to promote the world wide web is your website.

To make the promotion of your brand on the Internet the most effective and efficient, the company «Adult4SEO» is constantly working on promoting your website, making it clear and easy for your potential customers. This allows you to increase the flow of traffic, which will enhance the growth of your sales.

Our main goal is to make your website working efficiently as a marketing tool, to ensure the maximum number of visitors from search engines and turn them into your customers.